Caroline House

Dementia Care


Dementia is a word often used to describe a set of symptoms that usually include: difficulties in thinking, memory loss, language and also problem-solving impairments. Dementia happens after the brain has been damaged by a disease, such as Alzheimer’s or a series of strokes.


Caroline House promotes independence in a safe environment, helping our clients to live happy and full lives.



Our staff attend to our clients’ needs in the following ways:

  • A secure and homely environment is provided, ensuring safety at all times.
  • The home provides a diverse daily activity programme, all delivered in a person-centred way
  • Various communal areas promoting social interactions
  • Reminiscence therapy; which forms a fundamental part of dementia care by encouraging positive reflection
  • Large garden space, with a well-managed patio area and seating for those who wish to spend time in the fresh air. The large sunroom looks out onto the gardens offering a lovely view of the plants and wildlife.
  • Communal areas are monitored at all times
  • Respect and dignity which is fundamental to care delivery

For more information on dementia care, advice and support, please follow the link below.


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