At Filsham Lodge, we care.

Dementia, Nursing, and End of Life Care, in a safe and loving environment.

Our staff form bonds with our residents, it's like looking after family.


is a word used to describe a set of symptoms that often includes:


  • difficulties in thinking
  • memory loss
  • language and communication issues
  • problem-solving impairments 


​Dementia happens after the brain has been damaged by a disease, such as Alzheimer's or a series of strokes.

Filsham Lodge

is a specially adapted home, caring for people who live with dementia.


Dementia can require a considerable amount of care and attention. Our home provides this in the following ways:

  • A secure and homely environment
  • Safety at all times
  • Respect and dignity when providing personal care
  • Person-centred diverse activity programmes
  • Communal areas promoting social interaction
  • Reminiscence therapy, encouraging positive reflection and nostalgia
  • A garden to enjoy the flowers and local wildlife
  • Sensory room to stimulate the mind through all senses

Nursing Care

is understanding and meeting the needs of the individual when they arrive in our care.


Filsham Lodge

provide 24/7 care with our highly qualified nurses and carers. We consistently maintain excellent relationships with the residents' and local GPs, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, and more.


Fast and efficient medical treatment is delivered and monitored in our home.


We have our own osteopath working to keep up our residents' range of mobility, also helping rehabilitate any post operative and stroke related musculoskeletal issues.  

End of Life Care

is the specialist care that is given to someone when they are nearing death. It is so important that they are able to do so in comfort, with dignity and with as minimal pain as possible.



Filsham Lodge

staff are trained in the use of specialist equipment to enable our residents a peaceful passing, without anxiety or pain.


They are also trained through the local hospice to understand and help our residents and their family in their difficult time.


A room is available for families to stay with their loved one when the time is near.


We welcome family's presence day and night, with no restriction on visitation.

We're here for you

If you'd like to talk about the care we can offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact us or pop in and we can show you our home and how proud we are of it.

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